Food Distribution

LB Suraksha is a not-for-profit social undertaking that began in 2019 in Surat, Gujarat, which intends to tackle appetite and malnutrition in the nation. We channelize abundance food from events, eateries, weddings, corporates, and so on - to beneficiaries in need and run supported feeding projects through our hygienic kitchens. We work with a network of 50 volunteers in Surat and have served more than hundreds of poor people in need.
We got this idea of establishing the organization as the Covid-19 crisis begun. Many people died through hunger, and some of them even committed suicide because of poverty. So, we decided to contribute to the needful during the lockdown period. We have donated food, shelter, and medicines to the needy people to survive during the pandemic. We thought to transform the idea into reality, and we established an NGO to donate and help poor people today and tomorrow. Our aim is not to Create Hunger or Greed. As an NGO, we offer a simple, freshly created healthy feast in the most significant number of spots we can and are allowed to.
LB Suraksha Foundation has begun the services with the vision to give free food to the street side sheltered, older and hungry people including all age groups, men, women, needy and infirm, mentally and physically sick, and chemical /drug dependents consistently. We distribute freshly prepared food to the impoverished populace of Surat. The destitute are a heterogeneous group and significant work in the disorderly area. We offer suitable types of assistance to the underprivileged to address their immediate necessities, for example, blankets, medical care, including psychological well-being care, education, and relinking with families.
Donate food, why not?

Keep your stomach cheerful and your heart calm.

We live in a developing and technological world in which we have all the way to end hunger. Nonetheless, these provisions aren't appropriately divided. Numerous people are starving and don't have the absolute minimum to survive. Moreover, in a current reality where a few have much, and many have almost nothing, there are countries where food inefficiency and appetite exist together. To help counter this issue, consider adding to a food bank or charity.

People require food and water throughout the year. Eradicating neediness and appetite is a Millennium Development Goal that was restored in 2015. A considerable part of the world's populace survives on under $1.25 per day, which dropped 14 per cent in 2016. That is over 800 million people living in outrageous poverty, and a few of those people live in our country, close to us, in our city, or even on our road.

What can we do about it? How to donate food?

Every country has its own issues, yet hunger plagues the world. Not every person has the money to purchase food. We can help these people by providing them with food.

There are food banks and focuses, for example, LB Suraksha, which is kind of a crisis food program/NGO that offers food to people out of luck. You also have the alternative to accomplish humanitarian efforts for these focuses.