Child Education

As assessed that there are 35 million children in India who are needing care, protection, and education.
It is an enormous number. Yet, at LB Suraksha, we accept that the best approach to tackle this issue is to construct a network around these children. A community of the people who care and need to contribute in whichever way they can - to help build long haul solutions for this issue.
Envision what a group of 1 million doers and devotees will have the option to do. We can. And we can hardly wait to begin!


At LB Suraksha, we believe that leadership for instruction is the key. We are building the development of pioneers who will dispense with an educational imbalance in India.

Why Education?

Education is both the methods just as the finish to a superior life: the methods since it enables a person to acquire his/her job and the end since it expands one's mindfulness on a scope of issues from medical care to fitting social behavior to understanding one's privileges and in the process help him/her advance as a superior resident.
Without a doubt, education is the most remarkable impetus for social change. In any case, child education is next to impossible in isolation. A kid will go to class just if the family, especially the mother, is guaranteed medical care and engaged. Besides, when an elder sibling is pertinently gifted to be employable and starts earning, the excursion of strengthening proceeds past the current age.

Our Work

Following a lifecycle approach, LB Suraksha, among the top NGOs in India, works seriously through centered welfare ventures in these significant regions education for poor children, medical services, old age security, food distribution, and women's safety.
Until now, we have had the option to affect numerous kid's and families' lives straightforwardly.