Why Health?

Health is Fundamental


Compared to more than 200 million school years, what might be lost every year in low pay nations because of a chronic sickness. The effect on learning and comprehension is identical to a deficiency of over 630 million IQ points.


"Every year, an estimated 100 million people - that's more than a quarter of a million people every day are forced into poverty as a result of out-of-pocket health care costs."


When catastrophe or illness strikes down a local health specialist, community pioneer, or neighbor, eternal lives might be lost that may somehow or another has spared.

Why medication?

Since our health is an essential piece of being human, we don't have anything without it.

Over 50 million Indians don't take their endorsed medication since they can't bear its cost. With taking off copays, deductibles, and insurance costs, numerous people are settling on unimaginable decisions between drugs, food, and lodging, gas to get to work, and that's just the beginning. However, not taking your prescriptions often prompts surprisingly more terrible results heart failures, strokes, and considerably greater expenses. This is our country's most basic issue; however, it doesn't need to be.

That's why we're here. LB Suraksha gives access, so everybody gets the care they merit.