Old Age Security

Let us Support the Elders of our Society

Out of each ten old couples in India, more than six are constrained by their kids to leave their homes. In India, in contrast to the USA, parents don't leave their children alone after they turn 18, buckled down for their entire lives, raised kids, and later dealt with grandkids. There are times when parents simply need to relax and need their kids to respond to their consideration. However, kids think that it is not easy to acknowledge that there are times when parents need to feel the love they once imparted to them.

Every other day, we see news of parents being beaten up by their children, in-laws and parents being compelled to do the household chores, being made to live in little prison-like rooms, their property being powerfully taken over by over aspiring kids. Presently, in the last phase of their life, when they are helpless and do not have even food and shelter, they merit our help.